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heather moyer wellness retreats


Heather is a 3rd generation native of Mt. Shasta—a small mountain town located in far Northern California.  She is a transformational/grief retreat leader, certified grief educator, grief yoga instructor, author, entrepreneur, and kindergarten teacher.  Heather founded Heather Moyer Wellness in June of 2020 with the mission to share tools for making mental, emotional and physical health accessible for all. Heather offers unique wellness retreats aimed at transforming your life, your future, and your well-being. After unexpectedly losing her only son, Hunter, in November of 2022, she created a retreat focused on grief and healing. 

With a deep reverence for believing that we are more powerful than we can ever imagine and an unshakable conviction that we all have the power inside to heal ourselves, Heather believes that inside all of us is a warrior, even though wounded.   With the right mindset and support, we can integrate the loss of our loved ones, grieve with more love than pain, and regain hope for the future.  Heather strives to reconnect people with their inner warriors while honoring the cherished wounds from the loss of their loved ones.


It's my purpose to help people be happier. The tools at our disposal are restorative yoga, mindfulness practices, good nutrition, reconnecting with nature, and doing the self-work to help ourselves. These retreats can help people by giving them the tools to pull themselves up and drop the facade of being victims

heather moyer wellness retreats


Uncover the root cause
of the shit that's making you miserable.
After, our mantra will be, "Uncover it, to heal it."

girls getaway weekend retreat


A retreat curated specifically for the needs of your group. This is for groups of five or more.

grief and healing retreat


With the right mindset and support, we can integrate the loss of our loved ones, and regain hope for the future.

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Fix Your Shit

- July 10-14, 2024
- Other dates TBA


- July 31 - August 4, 2024
- Other dates TBA

Grief & Healing

- June 19-23, 2024
- July 24-28, 2024
- Other dates TBA

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  "I'm a transformational coach and I’m here to help you fix your shit. My retreats will help you transform your mind and your body. I believe in helping people transform their lives through nutrition, supplementation, yoga and mindfulness techniques because life’s too short to NOT fix your shit."

- Heather Moyer

Calm Sea


"This retreat is a must for anyone experiencing an unimaginable loss and its partner silent suffering.I was greeted with such warmth the first day I arrived and a safe connection was immediately felt but the sessions were so well crafted to focus on us as whole people; past, present, future. Guiding us through the suppressed debilitating toxic suffering in a gentle, encouraging way. This gave me the courage to rediscover my unique friend, grief that walks with me now as it is. I’m so very grateful for the community we created during my stay and the confidence to continue seeking them along with their resources for a healthy journey with my loss." 

- Renee Stilley

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